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Jim Calabrese

Our Mission

We aim to be a guiding light in the marketing industry, demonstrating that success and ethical values can coexist.

Our purpose is to serve businesses and organizations with unwavering integrity, compassion, and a commitment to the well-being of all.

Origin Story

Meet Jim Calabrese, the passionate force behind Cornerstone Digital Marketing.

As an early adopter of platforms like Myspace and, Jim witnessed the immense power of social media marketing for his band Calabrese, and he was hooked.

Embracing his passion for music, Jim and his brothers embarked on a full-time touring adventure, breaking free from corporate chains. However, they realized they weren't making the dream salary they deserved.

Determined to make a change, Jim followed his second passion—online marketing—and founded Cornerstone Digital Marketing.

Success quickly followed as he delivered exceptional results for his clients.

Jim's love for marketing knows no bounds, and he's always seeking new clients to collaborate with.

If you're ready to ignite your sales and experience the full potential of social media marketing, Cornerstone Digital Marketing is your go-to expert.

Contact us today and let our passion for marketing take your business to new heights!


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