My family & my WHY for success!
My family & my WHY for success!

Our Mission

Our mission is to support people, products, services and events that we believe in. We are dedicated to helping like-minded passionate individuals with BIG DREAMS to achieve success in the marketplace through a strategic online strategy.

My Story

My name is Jimmy Calabrese and I love social media marketing. I'm a graduate of Columbia College with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Editing who found himself working at Avnet Inc. a global electronic distribution company (Fortune 500) while rockin' out with my brothers in our band Calabrese. As early adopters of social media platforms like Myspace I learned the power of social media marketing for our band, and I was hooked. Fast forward to my midlife crisis when my brothers and I decided to embrace our passion and tour full-time. It felt amazing to quit our 9-5 jobs and break the chains of our corporate masters. We ended up touring the U.S., Mexico and the U.K for 3 years when we realized we were living the dream but we weren't making our dream salary. I then decided to follow my second passion, online marketing, and started Calabrese Marketing. I quickly found success with my first few clients and ended up getting hired full-time at Coffin Comics as the Marketing and Sales Manager (where I currently work). So here I am today, sitting here typing this bio, still in the band and still looking for new clients to work with! I love this stuff!

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